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The references on this page are excellent sources for learning about Bonsai techniques, upcoming conventons, and the availability of local clubs and classes.

American Bonsai Society

Bonsai Clubs International

Golden State Bonsai Federation


The Magazine of Golden State Bonsai Federation and is published 6 times a year. Each issue contains a calendar of upcoming events, numerous informative articles, announcements and photographs. It is a wonderful source for news and useful information in the bonsai world.  Click on the Golden State Bonsai Federation link above to subscribe.

Rochester NY 14692
(716) 334-2595

INTERNATIONAL BONSAI, the first and only professional bonsai magazine published in the US since 1979, continues to be the authoritative English language bonsai magazine published by the International Bonsai Arboretum. It is edited by bonsai artist and educator William N Valavanis. It is without parallel in bonsai periodicals with specialized focus on both the horticultural and artist development of classical bonsai art. As the authoritative bonsai magazine, our educational and fine production have aided and set the standards of English languare bonsai periodicals.

While International Bonsai is easy reading for those new to bonsai, even the most experienced artist will find something new and exciting in each copy. Issues contain step-by-step articles onhow to create your own bonsai, tips on how to start new specimens, where to keep your bonsai collection and how to enjoy and refine your bonsai. Each issue also includes news on bonsai exhibits and events as well as local and mail order sources for bonsai and supplies. Out high standards of excellence are reflected throughout each well edited issue from the informative and inspirational articles and photos to the actual design, photography, printing and distribution.

You are invitied to subscribe today and join the world-wide readership not only to gain new insights, but to learn horticultural and artisitic focus on nearly every species trained for bonsai!

Bonsai Today
Sudbury, MA 01776
(Also available in Spanish)
(508) 443-7110

Bonsai Today is the foremost English language bonsai magazine. With contributions from Masahiko Kimura "the Magician" and other contemporary bonsai masters. Every issue contains clear, insightful instruction from the renowned Japanese magazine Kin Dai and western commentary on indoor and tropical bonsai. Bonsai Today is truly an invaluable resource for the bonsai enthusiast.

Bonsai Focus

Spring 2007 – an end of one era, the start of another.

In March 2007, the publishers of US magazine Bonsai Today and BonsaiEurope, decided to merge to become a whole new magazine — BonsaiFocus. Bonsai Today has been known as the foremost English languagebonsai magazine for more than 20 years. Bonsai Today has been the benchmark in bonsai magazines and its good reputation will continue, but just in another way.

Bonsai Focus has a long history, closely mirrored by the increasing interest in the subject and developments in the market.