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We are proud to be sponsors of the 2015 Inaugural Artisans Cup. The Artisans Cup was founded by Ryan and Chelsea Neal of Bonsai Mirai- located near Portland OR. Ryan is a renowned Bonsai professional and he and his wife have started The Artisans Cup to showcase American Bonsai as a true art form. 

From Ryan Neal: "The Artisans Cup is the beginning of a movement to reveal the beauty of the ongoing collaboration between humans and nature that occurs during the process of training a tree. This process, currently experiencing surging growth in North America, is symbolic of the struggle for life in which all living things take part, and highlights the similarities and differences between people and trees. It is a poignant representation of life itself, with all of its challenges and successes, its hardship and joy."

Read more about the The Artisans Cup movement at www.theartisanscup.com 

2015 Artisans Cup Trophy

"Critical to any world-class Bonsai are the tools and other supporting elements. " - Ryan Neal 

We take pride in offering a wide range of superior Japanese Bonsai Tools at competitive prices - worldwide.

Our products are available through our extensive network of retail dealers - including several mail-order and Internet dealers.

We offer four grades of Joshua Roth brand of tools. Select the tools appropriate to your interest and needs:

Student/Novice: Good Quality, basic tools for beginners at a fair price.

Intermediate:  A wider range of quality high carbon steel tools for the increased needs of more experienced enthusiasts.

Professional:  This very wide range presents superior quality and life for the serious Bonsaiist without an astronomical price.

•  Master:  Our Stainless Steel grade is of the very best quality available at any price. Easy clean-up, with the aesthetic feel of fine surgical instruments - the ultimate in lifetime Bonsai tools.

For those looking for tools at a lower price point than our Joshua Roth Japanese tools, we now also have the RYUGA brand of tools - offering a wide range of both stainless-steel and carbon steel tools made in China.

Thank you for visiting our Internet site. Although we specialize in Bonsai Tools and supplies, we also offer qualitiy tools for landscaping and nursery maintenance, as well as floral and gardening tasks. These product lines include our extremely popular GardenCut™ general purpose shears, and a selection of Japanese pull technology saws.


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Our company was established in 1980 and has been responsible for providing outstanding service and products ever since.